Patient Support Program and Disease Management

Patient Support Program

supporting chronic and critical case is crucial for their treatment journey where Patient care and satisfaction is our ultimate objective​


How we support you

Patient-oriented programs

Customized Medical Education​

Provides relevant physical/virtual education on disease or products aiming to improve patients’ quality of life through proper disease and medication knowledge according to their needs.

Affordability Programs​

Patient-oriented programs aim to decrease the financial burden on patients by providing free-of-charge services such as specially designed products FOC schemes, lab testing, scan facilitation and nurse visits. This could be done by digital integration of all included parties.​

Side Effect Management Programs

Patient assistance program, helping patients to manage and report their side effects while maintaining a high level of compliance and patient counseling elevates efficacy. ​ Customizing Pharmacovigilance reporting according to required SOPs.​

What we offer

Adherence and persistence program Side Effect Management Program Digital Enabling Dashboard and Reporting Affordability Program Customized Medical Education


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